What Students Say

“An extremely engaging teaching method that explores the human dimension in doing portraits. My way of photographing has taken a new direction.”
Mirko Bonfanti, amateur photographer

“It was like plunging into a volcano of emotion to find out that to do a good portrait the photographer has to work on herself, in depth, first of all, clear her mind of all prejudices and learn to look at the person in front of her with the curious eyes of a child who is just discovering the world.”
Cinzia Sollazzo, photography student

"Finally a human approach to photography, not just technical. It helps you get in touch with your emotions and energies, and listen to them in silence, something that also brings more joy to the photography experience. I can’t wait to do another one...."
Giulia Iannace, amateur photographer

"An opportunity to get to know myself a little better, lots of wonderful people with whom I shared truly intense moments and, of course, a serious and deep (but also playful) approach to the art of portraiture!”
Barbara Bellaio
, amateur photographer

“A decidedly unconventional workshop. The results were immediately apparent in the difference between the photos I took the first day and the ones I took on the third day.”
Gianluca Bufardeci, photographer

"An opportunity to rethink photography. We discovered a new way to look at the world around us and also the world within us."
Angela Vicino, amateur photographer

"Fantastic workshop, exceptional experience... It illuminates the very essence of portrait photography following a non-conventional and absolutely innovative path... I learned how to see with the eyes of my soul."
Luigi Bilancio, photographer

“An intense and absorbing experience that has changed my way of taking pictures and approaching jobs. I now shoot with a different awareness and I feel much more confident on any set.”
Cristiano Bonassera, photographer

“It was an important and beautiful experience, both the more introspective part and the interaction with others. I also really liked being photographed. It was fun and helped me better understand the dynamics of a portrait. Each person picked up on a different nuance in me.”
Paola Sala, photography student

“I got a lot more out of the workshop than I had expected. We learned how to compose a photo in just a few seconds, perceive the emotions and the limitations of the subject, and handle unexpected events. After the workshop, I did a wedding. The bride was really demanding and a bit nutty, but what I learned helped me handle everything calmly.”
Toni Toseca, wedding photographer

"A fantastic journey into photography, through the camera by way of the heart. A truly unique experience."
Marcella Marone Pittalunga, amateur photographer

“We learned a lot about taking photos, but we also learned a lot about life—around us and in us. This workshop applies to everything.”
Robert Burns, preschool photographer

The photos on this page were taken by students as an exercise during various workshop exercises.