The Teacher

Enzo Dal Verme portraits have been published in Vanity Fair, l’Uomo Vogue, The Times, Vogue Sport, Marie Claire, GQ, Gioia, Grazia, Flair, Amica, D di Repubblica, l’Espresso, Madame Figarò, Elle, Glamour, Class, Max, Panorama and many other magazines.

Commenting on the workshops, Enzo says, “I teach the things that are truly important to me when I shoot a photo, the things that have made it possible for me to photograph celebrities in a matter of minutes and create the portraits for which I am known.”

At times he prepares lessons to fulfill specific needs, like the “Ritratto, la cura in un gesto” workshop (portraiture, the healing gesture), created in response to an invitation by the Cremona Oncologic Hospital targeting their doctors, nurses, and volunteers. The aim was to help them to increase their ability to interact with patients through studying the interaction between photographer and subject. 

Enzo considers photography as a sort of active meditation.